Sunday, 28 February 2010

new bed... new comfort

So, STAFF finally took the plunge and splashed out on a proper bed for me. Nice thick memory foam. Folded duvet on top. Then a quilted blanket. Then yours truly. And topped with a special Milty blanket on top to keep the draughts out.

Ah, a man can snooze like this. And after a weekend of double walks, shopping and a roundtrip to visit STAFF's niece and back, I am really in need of a bit of sleep. I am just glad it is Monday tomorrow. Chance for a proper rest!


Izzy Bee said...

ummm, ahhhh - Otto Darlin can you scootch over, that looks so comfy, yawwwwwnns; do you mind if I take a little nap with you....zzzzzz

Rachel said...

Oh my Otto... I'm... I'm... getting... very....sleepy.......

Life With Dogs said...

I see you have things under control. :)

animal lover, quilt lover said...

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