Wednesday, 24 December 2008

the game of kings

I am contemplating my next move. The STAFFs' puny intellects are no match for me. But even if THEY should stumble on a good move and my brains won't win it on this one occasion, well, guess who's top in the brawns department? (Hint: starts with o, ends in o, has two ts in the middle).

Everything is a game of chess. Getting the best sofa. The warmest bed. The best food. The most attention. The STAFF try all sorts of strategies, but in the end, it is always check mate.

Now, back to my game of chess. I like the new chess figures. The wood smells very yummy, and could do with some 'personalizing'. You cannot beat that sort of thoughtful gift for Christmas, can you now.


Gerlinde said...

Merry Christmas, dear Schnuffbert!

Please say thank you to your STAFF for their birthday congratulations.

Did you get any special food, and more gifts? Did they give you any games THEY can play with you, except the chess? It must get boring after a while to play against yourself.

Happy Holidays!

Ruben von Zwack said...

Look, Otto!
Your little indigestion episode from earlier this year obviously leaked into the press.
Odd Items Found in the Stomachs of Pets
I am irritated. I have eaten so many toy mice, bags of peppermint tea and rubber hair bands, but mommy never took me to get a fancy picture of my stomach interior. Next time, I'm not gonna poop them out until I get a press release.

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Dear Gerlinde,

many thanks for your xmas wishes! I did not get anything exciting for xmas, apart from a coat, which didn't even fit. And as for the special food - I had to find all of that myself!
Still, I enjoy chess. It is a nice quiet game. And I win every time!

Guten Rutsch!

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Dear Ruben,

what an interesting choice of snacks for a cat! I thought only us dogs had such good sense, coupled with refined taste!

I see I have things I can learn from you and will rush to try out your suggestions at the next opportunity.

i still don't see why anyone would eat a tent peg though...

Enjoy your snacks!