Saturday, 5 December 2009

STAFF are for Life, not just Mealtimes!

I am getting into the Xmas spirit. And I would like to remind you all that STAFF are for Life, not just for Mealtimes (or Christmas)!
So, even when THEY annoy you, are whiny and demanding, make a lot more work and hassle than you thought, you have to stick with THEM. That's the deal.

So, have a good run-up to the holidays! And hang out your stockings! Ho Ho Ho!


BGGS said...

HOHOHO!!! Santa Grey - we love your Christmas spirt!!!Maybe STAFF will get the hint and in your stocking will be the biggest best______EVER!!!!! Izzy is looking for her mistletoe and dancing around!

Grå said...

You have a very nice blogg. Always nice to see photos of my own kind.

Best regards

Grey the Swedish Weimaraner

Rachel said...

Otto, you and I are FB friends and I simply adore you! When will you be on networked blogs for FB? I want to follow you! XOXO big guy. I will link to you on my blog too, come check it out...