Saturday, 28 March 2009

keep on running -- up and down the hills -- yeah!

I told you I would not be kept from the best woods for long! Last week the STAFF got themselves some running shoes (from my cash!), and a new lead for me which allows me 5 glorious meters of freedom, and now, morning and evening we run. Mornings in the best woods and evenings around our home territory. I say run, but really it is just the STAFF huffing and puffing and me at a slow trot. As you can see, I don't get tired at all! Certainly I would not be falling asleep sitting upright on the sofa. No, not this Weimy.
Where was I? Oh, yes, so, to get my paw good and strong and stop it from getting sprained again, the v.e.t. - cat from hell she is - suggested taking me on two super dull walks around the block a day. No more than 5 minutes, she hissed, for the next 109 years! Always on the lead! Well, I can tell you that gave me a lot of spare energy which I got rid off by charging up and down and up and down the stairs, skating on the wooden floors, charge-jumping the sofa... etc... you name it, I did it. It didn't take that long for the STAFF to get the message and that's when THEY got themselves running shoes and off we went. On the lead, but still. Not too shabby this new rehab programme for my paw. Not too shabby at all!
Sometimes the STAFF are good to me. And bless THEM, THEY look tired all the time now - from just a little bit of running, I ask you! - and sometimes just fall asleep on the sofa. I suppose THEY are just not as fit as I am...

PS: On reflection, having spent most of the day sunbathing, and, er, snoozing in a dozing fashion for, er, a short while, I might have to admit that I am perhaps a leeeetle bit tired myself. And I don't mind resting my paws for a few more hours.

After all, wherever I lay my head, that's my home 1

1 Conditional upon basic needs2 having been met.
2 Basics needs include, but are not limited to: a run in the woods, cuddles, food, something soft to lie on, a warm spot by direct heat source (sun or radiator), STAFF available upon request.


Ruben said...

Dear Otto,

I am impressed the STAFF started running with you! Does this mean they will do it each morning for the next 109 years? And why is running good for your paw? I would assume lots of rest, combined with extensive licking and gnawing, might also work wonders?
Looking at your pictures, it reminds me that I have already been awake and active for at least an hour between breakfast and noon. I shall go and snooze a bit, too. You are such an inspiration!
yours, Ruben

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Dear Ruben,

awake for a whole hour between breakfast and noon? What amazing stamina and energy you have!

Of course the running did not last. The STAFF thought that they could build up muscle strength in my leg through controlled exercise; you know, where they are attached by a lead and I have to drag them along. But that plan did not work. Now I have to wait and see what's the next step. The STAFF want to take me to a physiotherapist and to hydrotherapy. Not sure about any of this...

I hope you are keeping well? Have you found a way into the new handbag yet?

Oma is visiting on Tuesday. I hope she'll bring dried lung or other good bits. Yummy!

Bye for now. Say hello to Gerlinde if you see her and feel like it.